The short answer is YES!

Then, clients will ask me “but I thought the bank did an inspection so we don’t need another one…right?” Well…The bank will do an appraisal which will determine the estimated worth or value of the home, in other words- is this home worth what the lender is loaning against the property. Depending on the type of loan this appraisal can be a simple drive by or an examination of the structural integrity of the home including if all of the windows are intact, if there are areas of bare wood that might be prone to wood rot and other issues that may cause the value to degrade significantly.

An appraisal does not cover the electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems of the home!

A home inspector will test each of these including crawling into crawl spaces, checking foundations, going up on the roof, checking each electrical outlet, testing all of the mechanical systems including HVAC, water heater, dishwasher, stove. They will also check every plumbing fixture to make sure everything is working properly and that there are no leaks. A good inspector will also tell you if some of the systems (especially on older homes) are not up to current safety codes and what can or should be done to ensure the safety of your family. They will tell you if something is obsolete and should be replaced right away. Yes, you need a home inspection!